Religious Traditions (Transcript)

Audio transcript features Flo Senda speaking about churches being established in 1929 Galt Museum & Archives 19971071001

By 1929, the Raymond Japanese purchased the old Mormon Church and they established the Raymond Buddhist Church. It still stands on Main Street in Raymond and this was to become the centre, not only of the religious studies, but of their social and cultural gatherings.

In that day, cars weren’t as plentiful as they are today, so the people in Lethbridge North, or Coalhurst and Hardieville, because of economic times couldn’t afford to buy a temple or church or any kind of building so they would meet in the Higa farm – in the Higa home. They had a big home there on their farm and this is where the people in the northern area met. Most of the people in the north area came from the Okinawan Islands and the people from the other islands seemed to settle in the Raymond area.

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