Cultural Traditions

square tub and lid made of wood planks nailed together

Wooden bath house tub, or o-furo, ca 1940-1945.
Galt Museum & Archives P20030063001

The country of Japan is rich with cultural traditions and those who immigrated to Canada maintained many of them. Living in a strange new country was made a bit more comfortable when familiar traditions were continued.

The Takaguchi family of Raymond enjoyed the luxury of an o-furo or traditional Japanese bath. A wooden box, large enough for an adult to crouch in, was supported by a brick firebox. A fire in the firebox heated the water. The tub was used more like a hot tub as family members washed thoroughly before relaxing in the o-furo.

Additional information for this item is available on the Government of Canada Artefacts Canada - wooden bathtub (external link) website.