Nikkei Cultural Society of Lethbridge and Area

photograph of group of 8 women and one man dressed in semi-formal clothing posing for photo
Nikkei Cultural Society board members at book launch for “Nishiki: Nikkei Tapestry (A History of Southern Alberta Japanese Canadians)”, June 24, 2001. Back row, left to right: Reiko Takeyasu, Reyko Nishiyama, Cathy Takeda (Secretary), Rochelle Yamagishi, LaVerne Hamabata, Pastor George Takashima (President). Front row, left to right: Pat Sassa (Vice-President), Toshiko Tanaka, Sue Kado (Treasurer).
Photo courtesy of Pat Sassa

“As the father of 3 young children I felt very strongly that this new organization was important to preserve and promote Japanese Canadian culture in this area. So that when they were old enough to ask the question “What does it mean to be a Japanese Canadian?” there would be something to show them and pass on to them. So to help ensure that the Nikkei Cultural Society got off the ground, I volunteered to be the first president”

Trent Takeyasu

The Nikkei Cultural Society of Lethbridge and Area (NCS) was officially formed December 5, 1999 after the Lethbridge and District Japanese Canadians Association was disbanded. The NCS is a member organization of the National Association of Japanese Canadians.

One of the ongoing activities of (NCS) is to record, preserve and celebrate the history of Japanese Canadians in southern Alberta. The society has published three history books and is exploring the creation of other narratives using digital media. The society works with other Japanese-Canadian cultural organizations in the area to ensure that resources are shared when possible. The NCS is also a member of the Southern Alberta Ethnic Association and participates in a wide range of activities that celebrate ethnic and cultural diversity.

Official site of the Nikkei Cultural Society of Lethbridge and Area (external link)

Official site of the National Association of Japanese Canadians (NAJC) (external link)