Japanese Canadians Serving in World War II (Transcript)

Audio transcript features Flo Senda speaking about some who joined the army, 1988

Galt Museum & Archives 19971071001

“ When war was declared in Europe, and all through the war years I remember my father going out on Victory Drives. I don’t think the loyalty of the people was ever doubted in the Raymond area. The immigrant was called ‘first generation.’ Those of us that were born here in Canada were called ‘second generation’ or Nisei. And among the Nisei there were several that joined the army. There was Joe Takahashi. He wasn’t sixteen years of age at the time yet but he lied about his age, got into the army. I think he got as far as Halifax, they sent him back because he was underage and he had to do that, I think, twice before they finally took him overseas. His brother Shin?? , older brother Shin, went overseas. Toru Takahashi, Harry Higa, there are others I can’t remember. George Higa went overseas in the Asian theatre of war. ”

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