The Sato Wedding

photograph of a standing man wearing glasses, dark suit, tie, boutonniere; seated woman wearing glasses, white wedding dress, veil, holding bouquet
Faith and Frank Sato on their wedding day, Raymond, Alberta, 1947
Courtesy of Rochelle Sato

“During the evacuation, our family was sent to Taber. I courted a few girls around Taber and then I finally decided to settle down with my beet field sweetheart. I met her through her brother I worked with during the winter at Rocky Mountain House. Our families only lived ¼ mile apart and later worked together in the beet fields, helping each other out.

“In the old Japanese tradition, we were supposed to have go-betweens. Though we didn't need one, we took the old tradition. We got married in the Taber Community Hall on January 30, 1947 with the full regalia, including a best man and a bridesmaid. We were married by the Raymond Buddhist Minister, Reverend Shinjo Ikuta. We had about forty people attend. After the wedding, we had a sit down supper, a mixture of Japanese and Chinese food prepared by local ladies, and a lot of beverages.

“We left for a month honeymoon in New Westminster and stayed with good friends. After coming home, life returned to normal and we blended into the community.”

Frank Sato