Newer Generations

photograph of 5 generations from japanese great-great-grandfather to baby in light-blue sleeper on blanket held by japanese great-grandmother
Five generations, back left to right: Liana Hubbell [Sansei, Hapa] and mom Debbie Moriyama [Nisei, daughter of R. Marano]. Centre left to right: Reverend Yutetsu Kawamura [Issei] and daughter Rose Marano [Issei]. Front: baby Justin James [Yonsei, Hapa, son of L. Hubbell], February 2000
courtesy Mac and Reyko Nishiyama

As each new generation is born, the distance away from Japanese traditions and language increases. Those in more recent generations are fully immersed in and influenced by Canadian culture.

The Sansei were perhaps the first generation to marry outside the Japanese Canadian community, but the trend continues with Yonsei and Gosei. Japanese Canadians are the most integrated and assimilated group of all ethnic communities in Canada.