photograph of 5 men and 6 women behind a desk in an office; 1 woman on telephone

Local Redress Committee, ca 1980s Standing back row: Tom Mitsunaga, Hector Hinatsu, Sab Kamitakahara, Mas Terakita, Tucker Hironaka. Middle row: Kaye Otsuka, Amy Poleschuk. Sitting front row: Sachi (Kishimoto) Hironaka, Aki Moriyama, Fumi Tamagi and Toshiko Tanaka

Photo courtesy of Pat Sassa

“Japanese Canadians have a special role in this society. As the major group against whom a massive suspension of civil rights was unjustly and cruelly invoked, we owe it to the people of this country to constantly remind them of what fear and prejudice can do.”

David Suzuki

On September 22, 1988, the Federal Government announced that the government would issue a formal apology and monetary compensation of $21,000 to eligible individuals of Japanese Canadian descent born prior to March 31, 1949.

A lump sum of $12 million would also be given to the National Association to administer and allocate appropriately amongst its member chapters, groups and individuals.

Japanese Canadians in southern Alberta helped fund hospital beds on the 4th floor of the Regional Hospital, and provided a trust fund to a number of regional hospitals. The University of Lethbridge and Lethbridge Community College were recipients of an Endowment Fund that continues to provide annual scholarships.

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