photograph of 9 men in baseball jerseys and hats holding baseball bats and gloves; 4 men in street clothes and hats

Young Buddhist Association baseball team, Raymond, Alberta, 1935
Galt Museum & Archives 19790283004

The Issei enjoyed both traditional and western forms of entertainment.

Concerts including songs, skits, and a shibai (theatre production) depicting a well-known novel or samurai tragedy were held at the Raymond Buddhist Temple as part of festivals and celebrations.

The Issei also held picnics, and a baseball game between the Hardieville and Raymond teams was often the highlight of the day. The Japanese also enjoyed a number of traditional games and activities at home like a card game called Karuta, Shogi (a chess like game) and Go (a game of strategy).

Integration into mainstream culture was important. Rural Japanese families attended Christmas and Halloween parties at the district school. After the Christmas party, there would be a social with dancing.

Traditional activities like Judo spread into the mainstream with the help of the Japanese Canadian community.