Shin Issei

photograph of a group of men and boys wearing white pants, shirts, coloured belts; one boy posed to hit wood plank with hand

Karate demonstration at the Genevieve E. Yates Memorial Centre, Lethbridge, 2005. Kynan Gordon (Gosei) is doing the board breaking. Taka Kinjo is the second to the right adult in the back. He has reached the highest ranks of Karate and holds a 10th Degree black belt in the Gohaukai style of Karate. He is head of Canadian Gohakukai Karate-do Association.

In 1967, Minister of Manpower and Immigration Jean Marchand lifted the long held barrier of Japanese immigration to Canada. He announced that as long as the criteria of such requirements as education, personal assessment and occupational demand were met, anyone may immigrate to Canada. Many chose to come to southern Alberta.

These Japanese immigrants are referred to as the Shin Issei: the new first generation.

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