group photograph of young women and young men dressed in good clothing in front of shrine inside buddhist church

Sunday School class, Raymond Buddhist Church, ca. 1950s. Teachers Haruko Imahashi, Hiede Karaki and Yoichi Oishi and students Setsuko Matsuno, Jane Nakamura, Irene Kinoshita, Michi Fukushima, Judy Miyauchi, Tomiye Tanaka, Sachiko Nakagawa, Kimiye Fujita, Michiko Nakamura, Reiko Takahashi, Yoshiko Imahashi, Robert Takaguchi, George Kondo, Roy Yamasaki, Satoshi Oishi, Jimmy Takahashi, and Bobby Imahashi.
Courtesy of Mac and Reyko Nishiyama

The Nisei were Canadian-born and Canadian-educated. They were taught by their elders to obey the laws and be good Canadian citizens.

To be accepted in Canadian society, they had to assimilate into the Anglo-Canadian culture.

The Nisei learned their lessons well. By 1941, their main criticism of the Issei was that the Issei were “too Japanese”.

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