Community Life

photograph of women and men working in kitchen with white cupboards, shelves with pots, pans, coffee pots, oven mitts
Kitchen preparation for annual Chow Mein supper fund raiser, Raymond, Alberta, 1987 Left to right: Chiyomi Matsuno, Reyko Nishiyama, Betty Nakamura, Joyce Saruwatari.
Photo courtesy of Mac and Reyko Nishiyama and the Raymond Buddhist Church

The Sansei in southern Alberta enjoy a life different from their Nisei parents and Issei grandparents. The ability to obtain post-secondary education has enabled this generation, like many others of the same generation of western Canadians, to secure professional jobs and a higher standard of life. Their hard work has been rewarded with a higher profile and acceptance than previously known by Japanese Canadians in southern Alberta.

The Sansei who remain in southern Alberta feel a strong affinity for the area. As a result, they are active within the community, working with a variety of community groups.