Sugar Beet Farmers

posed photograph taken outdoors of 5 men standing behind 5 seated women

Members of the Farmer's Company, 1916. Front row left to right: Isa Koyato, Saki Kosaka, Moto Sugimoto, Mrs Tobo. Back row left to right: H. Kojun Iwaasa (assisted in formation of company), Shoichi Tobo, Kisaburo Sugimoto, Tanesaburo Kosaka, Takejiro Koyata.

Galt Museum & Archives 19800016003

The Japanese first came to southern Alberta as sugar beet farm labourers or to work in sugar beet factories.

In 1903, about 20 Japanese came to work at the Raymond sugar beet factory. Another 400 Japanese came to the Raymond area in 1908 to work on beet farms.

This provided them valuable experience in farming methods, and prepared them for success later in their own farming.